Cast Member Profile: Jono Coulborn

Government employee, sexist bastard, podcaster and wild card between Tom and Joe. Jono loves all things Bond, James Bond and still plays Goldeneye64 to this day.  He will crush you.  Jono has been reading the Wheel of Time since he was eleven and has loved it ever since. Highlights include the painful years waiting to hear if Mat survived being crushed by a wall only to not have him show up for an entire book, masturbating to Rand's sex scenes with Min and Aviendah (not Elayne...), and getting drunk doing podcasts with two of his closest friends.  Isn't that sweet? Jono is a graduate of GSU with a Bachelors of Business Economics and Spanish.  He is currently working on an MBA. In his spare time he drinks and plays soccer as vigorous exercise can prevent any hangover. You can find him frightening women at your local bar, though he is somehow in a relationship; mostly naked at any and all JordanCon swimming pools; and on the podcast starring himself and his friends Joe and Tom, with Lauren editing.  He is also a ginger, which is frightening.

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