tWoTcast episode 137

tWoTcast episode 137 (The Ultimates part 1)

Our first discussion of The Ultimates, written by Mark Millar and Drawn by Bryan Hitch, covering issues 1 and 2. Featuring: Jono, Joe, Lauren and Tom. Jono coins the phrase of what Cap says every time he takes a shit, our friend Bret translates some nazi German for us and finally we discuss the finer points of a wasp-sized woman jerking someone off.

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tWoTcast episode 135

tWoTcast episode 135 (The Name of the Wind part 10)

Our tenth discussion of The Name of the Wind, written by Patrick Rothfuss, covering chapters 85 – the end. Featuring: Jono, Joe, Lauren and Tom. We discuss the winding down of the story… the climax was last episode, the naming of the sperm and finally tom thinks Kvothe’s sack looks like a koosh ball?

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