tWoTcast episode 172

tWoTcast episode 172 (The Way of Kings part 11)

Our eleventh discussion of The Way of Kings, written by Brandon Sanderson, covering chapters 34-38. Featuring: Jono, Joe, and Tom with sort of guest Allesandro. We discuss the age old wrapping versus rolling a sandwich debate, tom thinks the high storms come from storm the x-man, or maybe thor and finally hashtag game of thrones.

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tWoTcast episode 171 (The Royal Rumble 3)

Our third Royaaaaaaaaaaallllllllll Ruuuummmmmbllllllllllleeee! Featuring: Jono, Joe, and Tom with our guest Alessandro! you may remember Alessandro from our last Royal Rumble episode. This Royal Rumble is thirty contenders from any property we've ever covered so it gets weird real fast. Herschel P Legoman CPA stops by, a swarm of eight pigeons attacks and finally tom becomes increasingly shocked by how long a minute takes to pass.

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