tWoTcast episode 132

tWoTcast episode 132 (Jordancon 6 LIVE Show)

Our discussion of all things Jordancon 6 with your Toastmasters tWoTcast! Featuring: Jono and Joe, Tom is mysteriously absent, but we fill that gaping hole with our special guest, author Patrick Rothfuss. We discuss a little Jcon recap and follow it with our LIVE recording from our panel, An Hour with Patrick Rothfuss.

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tWoTcast episode 131

tWoTcast episode 131 (The Name of the Wind part 8)

Our eighth discussion of The Name of the Wind, written by Patrick Rothfuss, covering chapters 69 - 73. Featuring: Jono, Joe, Lauren and Tom. We discuss the state of Toms pubic hair, horse flesh and snuffling pockets and finally Tom gets a little frustrated that were not all on the same page during our reading.

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