What's Cooking?! with Muradin

Appetizer: Eyeballs Tart Fine

Chef: Muradin

Muradin kicks off our summer menu recommendations with a delicious start.  This former candidate for Clan Chief of the Shaido Aiel founded his restaurant, A Feast for the Eyes, shortly after he failed the tests of Rhuidean.  Starting with a modest menu consisting of only one item, Your Own Raw Eyeballs, it wasn't long before he found success and the former Aiel warrior began experimenting in the kitchen with other people's eyeballs.  

"Before I went to Rhuidean," says the award winning chef, "I'd never actually considered cooking, and had in fact never tasted eyeballs before.  It was my fear of facing my past that made me pluck out my own eyes and then devour them on the spot."

Many attribute Muradin's failure to complete the test of Rhuidean to weakness, but it turns out this wasn't the case.  "Once I ate my owns eyes, and tasted the tremendous flavor that they had locked within them, I realized I had to leave the Shaido behind and share my new passion with the world."

Beginning with a small stand situated at the newly formed lake feeding Rhuidean, Muradin's business grew as the new Aiel city in the waste did.  Though he found convincing people to pluck out their own eyes and eat them difficult at first, it wasn't long before he had gotten enough people to do it that he was able to open a proper restaurant.  Though Rhuidean is the only true city in the waste don't think that has stopped Muradin from eyeing the future.  He has plans to open franchises in Holds all over the Waste in the next few years.  Muradin is truly a chef to watch out for.

Eyeballs Tart Fine

5 Eyeballs

1/4 cup unsalted butter

1 1/2 cups all purpose flour

1/4 teaspoon salt

1/2 cup ricotta cheese

1/2 cup plain yogurt

2 tablespoons roasted sesame seeds

12 fresh mint leaves


black pepper

olive oil

fresh thyme

Step One:

Just mix this shit together and try what comes out.  This, like all of Muradin's recipes, doesn't really come with instructions.  Seriously, he's a blind lunatic who ate his own eyes!  The best thing you can do is humor him, and hope he doesn't somehow manage to eat your eyes too.

Tom O'Hara is glad the Aiel have recently given writers for food magazines a free pass across the waste.  Also, he's grateful to still have his eyes.

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