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The Shadow Loves the Internet

Jul 28, 2011

The guys of tWoTcast recently expressed surprise that Melindhra would use Craigslist to reach Hadnan Kadere in Chapter 29 of The Fires of Heaven, Memories of Saldaea.  Maybe I think it’s obvious just because of my own use of such devices, but frankly, the Shadow LOVES to use internet services and social networks.  Check it out:


Example #1:  Um, yeah.  Me.  @TrollocTalk. I’m like the King of Twitter or something.  And I quote myself, “How do people not realize that no matter how hot Lanfear is overall, when it comes to breasts, Berelain's got her beat, hands down? #idiots”  Fuck, I’m awesome.  I should have more followers.  #thinkonit


Example #2:  The Shadow totally uses Craigslist:


-  Convenient Western Arad Doman location!

-  Recent, um, renovations

-  Excellent fixer-upper – make this space your own

-  Previous owner left quickly, no time to sell – nothing wrong with the property!

-  Once visited by the Lord Dragon Reborn himself!


Example #3:  Rahvin’s MySpace page hasn’t been updated in a while.  Awkward.

Mood:  way confident

Groups:  The Chosen (aka The Greensome Thirteensome)

Here For:  Bitches to mind control and mack on

Orientation:  Totally Hetero

Hometown:  You’ve never heard of it

Education:  Graduate of the Collam Daam (Go Fightin’ Grolm!)

Occupation:  Totally gonna rule Andor FOREVER


Example #4:  Demandred finally checked in via Foursquare.  I can’t tell you where, though.  Just kidding, he’s in Murandy.


Example #5:  Facebook has become pretty popular with the Shadow, as well.  Here’s a post on Aran’gar’s wall:

Delana Mosalaine is excited to be hiding out with her new BFF Aran’gar.  Everything’s going to work out great from here!  Lol!  (^_^)


Example #6:  Moghedien is on Google+.  By herself.


And finally…


Example #7:  Me and the boys are using Meetup to get things organized!

Organizers:  Moridin, Shadar Haran

Event:  Tarmon Gai’don

Date:  April 2012 (exact date TBD)

Location:  Tarwin’s Gap

Description:  It’s the big one, guys.  Get your rusty weapons and armor together and head down to the Gap!  There’s word that Aan’allein is gonna come out of retirement from the military and make a surprise appearance – don’t miss out!


Trolloc Talk is apparently the King of Twitter.  Find him there @TrollocTalk